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Lessons for the Blind

Lesson 1

  [audio m4a=""][/audio] LESSON ONE   第一課 MASSAGE TERM: 按摩術語 Good morning, afternoon, evening 早上好/ 中午好/晚上好 My name is …. 我的名字是…. Welcome to ….massage clinic 歡迎來到我們診所 What kind of massage? Relax or pain treatment, foot massage or body massage 你想做什麼樣的按摩?只是放鬆一下或者有哪裡疼痛需要治療,或者是足底按摩還是全身按摩? Foot massage: please sit down and take off your shoes 足底按摩:請坐在這裡,脫掉你的鞋。 Relax: 放鬆: Please lay down to bed and face down 請躺下,臉沖下。 Head, neck, shoulder, left arm, right hand, elbow, wrist, back, waist, lower back, 頭部,頸部,肩膀,左胳膊,右胳膊,肘部,腕部,背部,腰部,下腰, Thigh, knee, leg, ankle, foot, chest, stomach 大腿,膝蓋,小腿,腳腂,足底,胸部,胃部 Too hard?  Too soft? 太重?太輕? Turn over and face up 轉身臉沖上。 Finish, thank you, good by, and come again 結束了,謝謝,再見,歡迎再來。 Pain treatment: 疼痛治療: Where is the pain? Headache, stomachache, neck pain, Shoulder pain 你哪裡痛?頭痛, 胃痛,頸部疼痛,肩膀疼? Acupressure, Chinese herb medicine 指壓按摩,中藥。